Metaparadise, self doubt and perseverance.

Writing my first book hasn’t been easy. Some days the words just fly onto the page and others I struggle to come by them. Writing a book about the future of humanity until the end of time has been challenging in terms of scope and narrative. I have to construct a universe where a compelling story is taking place while predicting epochs of time. I’ve discovered a lot of things about myself in the process.

In writing a science fiction book that combines multiple genres as well as philosophy, I’ve come to realize that my work draws highly on tropes and ideas written about by other authors. They say that there’s nothing new under the sun but I feel like there is some science and narrative that stands out. Technology post singularity is riddled with magical machines that simply defy the laws of nature but in Metaparadise, I feel like there is logical continuity between how these devices work and their scientific backgrounds. To make the absurd parts of the book work, I try to suspend disbelief by supplementing fantastical technology with theoretical posits. The beginning of the book smacks the reader in the face with a simple AI containment device that has never been fully explored outside of rudimentary theorizing, as an example.

I thought about patenting this idea but lack the money and resources to do so. The idea came from speculation on the validity of containment devices and possible modern day solutions. I drew a diagram and drafted a patent. It’s been sitting in a folder with a bunch of other theoretical designs that I came up with about a year ago. In Metaparadise, those other ideas have been given life as well.

I feel as if the book is good on some days and terrible on others. There are multiple conflicts, subplots and complex characters in the story. Or atleast I think so. That’s the problem, I am biased towards my work and lack critical beta readers for my book. It’s about 40,000 words short of completion but I am inching towards a first draft a thousand words a day.

If you follow me on Twitter, I often tweet about my progress. I have found Twitter to be a wonderful tool to inspire me to achieve my goal of being an author. Nothing beats the rush of having people retweet you, like tweets and start dialogues with you concerning your journey. I can’t reveal my book just yet, but I have sought criticism for it before. So far, the criticism besides a few posts on Reddit has been generic.

I need more character development, it’s good, I like the story telling are some examples of what friends have said about the book. Reddit was more critical and one user stated that I should cut the immense amount of back story in the beginning of my first chapter. I agree and it has to be streamlined. I feel like that was written so long ago, before I even conceptualized the story that I am comfortable with removing that backstory.

The journey should speak for itself, it shouldn’t be told right at the beginning. There needs to be a priority of narrative above immersing readers into the details of a story that eventually inform them of those details anyway. I am conflicted on this book and the work I’ve done. I see myself as becoming a best seller, selling movie rights and becoming famous.

I also see myself getting denied by agents, not selling beyond a few hundred copies and struggling to actively publish this book. The feeling is not dissimilar to Bitcoin trading–being a first time author is volatile.

Hopefully like Bitcoin, this book will explode onto the literary scene and I will be recognized for a great work.



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